Snow and Light

Sunday alone with my thoughts post a morning walk, a day after it’s snowed the sun trying to break through the grey. A welcome relief for the mind. We didn’t see much of the day yesterday. The M8 corridor between cities as we drove through to Glasgow in order to acknowledge our son turning nineteen. The roads were grim, saline, sleet and snow but we made it there and back. A lovely lunch in a place called ‘The Bothy’ just off Byres road. Presents delivered, hugs received a check in on the flat and an acknowledgment we would see him soon for Christmas.

The walk this morning, I took along the thoughts and the ramblings of the High Performance Podcast with Adam Grant and the Radio 4 Food Programme wtih Tim Spector. I’m racking my brain now on my takeaways. I feel I need to listen again to Alan Gray, but a key message was that we need to keep an open mindset and strive for growth rather than proving oneself. Food on 4, the challenge of eating 30 plant based foods in a week in order to fuel the body comes to mind and I’m reminded of the cookbook I bought from Kew Gardens this year. I need to dig it out.

I started my medium journey, thought it would be a fun thing to do to work through the years that I’ve lived through. I was going to call it 50 till 50 and then settled on 50 things. I’ve not quite made it a daily occurrence so already it’s going to run past my actual birthday in January. Unless of course I put the petal to the metal and catch up.

A sneak preview of the 1975 playlist:

An audible discovery into the tunes of 1975 on my route to 50!

A bit of a rabbit hole for me as I create a playlist, check wikipedia and the IMDB list for the year. The book is going slowly as a consequence, a distraction from the goal, I couldn’t help myself. Will press the reset button once again tomorrow as we strike another Monday.

The #WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted by Natalie the Explorer that serves as weekly heart beat and sort of of a mind-dump. Helps me reflect on my week, with a list of achievements, thoughts and rambles normally whilst drinking a beverage probably listening to music.


9 thoughts on “Snow and Light

  1. Such beautiful countryside! Glad you were able to visit your son for his birthday!
    So help me understand your 50/50 project. Are you choosing 50 favorite songs or 50 favorite songs for every year you’ve been alive? Are you turning 50 in January?? I want to understand 😊
    Have a wonderful week 🌺

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    1. Sorry, my 50/50 project is very loose and even I’m not sure 😀. I’m going to visit each year in succession, create a playlist for that year, choose the films I like and make reference to anything I feel interested in. The plan was to do it day by day with 50 days to go. At the rate I’m going…..I won’t finish on time to hit my day!

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  2. It’s good to see the sun after some dreary weather! We’ve had quite clear weather all week, no snow but cold and frost. That’s a beautiful area you’ve photographed there.


  3. Very beautiful countryside! Your new blog design is appealing to the eye.
    I’m curious about the cook book, it looks interesting. I eat a mostly plant based diet. Have a wonderful week, and enjoy the upcoming Holiday Season.

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