Obsidian a 22 Wrap Up

This week I’ve taken to drinking my first coffee at my standing desk rather then my writing chair, and I feel like it’s made my back a little better this week which I’ll take. The cold spell has really taken a hold with below zero temperatures during the day. This feels like a rare occurrence here in Edinburgh. Really only been a few days and I’m so tired of it already.

It’s at this time of year that we turn our heads to our favourite things rather than our grumbles, and the first thought was of my son coming home for Christmas. It’s been a while since I’ve had to make it through the chaos or the winter travel. The trains being on strike here in Britain is adding to the pain. He manged to make an earlier bus so could be through the door any time soon with his smiling face and good cheer. Another term in the bag.

Natalie the host of the weekend coffee share is wrapping up the year, and it’s with great thanks, amazement and gratitude. How she has turned up every week. Brilliant, and an inspiration in terms of commitment and practice. Thank you.

As part of my close for the year I thought I’d share a little on my writing practice. The picture above, a linked graph from Obsidian, the writing tool I adopted this year as part of my practice. Installed on my iPad with the vault(folder) stored in iCloud. I’ve religiously got up early and done my first kind of draft notes/writing first thing with an add in for dailies. I then have iCloud installed on my PC enabling a robust sync mechanism. I then review edit and link later in the day. I love the graph it creates of all the links. I’m in a state of organised chaos.

Tried to create a notion habit, not gone so well. Except with taking my coffee at my desk first thing this week, I’ve checked in with the bigger rocks, and that to-do list. Then my daily.

I’m on my third listen of Atomic Habits this year, mainly a refresh and a nudge to keep up my thinking on diet and health. Really easy to comfort eat at this time of year and so I’m trying to keep a good balance of exercise and good eating.

Highlight of the year has got to have been our trip to Yosemite Park and San Francisco, I didn’t quite get to writing up my notes. However I did just finish my notes from 2013 the first camper van trip….so plenty of time yet!

Thanks for the coffee, the weekends over the year and wishing you all the best for 2023 when it arrives.


9 thoughts on “Obsidian a 22 Wrap Up

  1. I’m about to start reading Atomic habits, my husband listened to it earlier this year as an audiobook and he bought it for me later to read after my studies were done. It changed a lot of his thinking about his own potential and I’m looking forward to reading it. At the moment my mind is too scattered with things I need to get done around Christmas but I’ll start reading it in the new year.
    We also had the cold snap and I totally agree, I was tired of it after few days. I guess you also have some warmer weather now?

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  2. Yeah the warmer weather arrived, like someone just flicked a switch! Atomic Habits certainly gives you a different perspective on doing things. I reckon you could start it pre christmas though. I think the intro, and who is James Clear would be good to get out the way before you get into the meat and veg of the book. Thanks for saying hello, such a busy time!


  3. You did Yosemite & San Francisco? Wow – huge trip for you.
    Hopefully it was all for pleasure, except if your employer sent you, they likely would have sprung for the air fare and some of the hotel and meals.

    Did you climb to the top of Half Doe? I did it when I was much younger and have never forgotten it. Amazing experience

    Have a great Christmas

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    1. All pleasure, a year delay for the real boss’s birthday. Did one of the walks that lead onto half dome which was might fine. It’s all done by ballot now and although I put in for 3 days I didn’t manage. Think it might have been a blessing. It was so hot. Managed to see a bear and her cubs though. Thanks for the Christmas Wishes and l look forward to catching up with you in the new year.


  4. I haven’t read atomic habits but I’ve heard it’s really good. I’ve never been to Yosemite either but it’s on my list!!! Yay for organized chaos.


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