Beeping Balrog

I’m really out of sorts today. I had a booster and flu jab at the same time, different arms. Covid arm feels like I’ve spent too long pumping iron. Flu arm is fine, but my body is achy and the brain all befuddled. Really compounded by our security alam going on and off like a screaming baby as the router struggled with whatever the broadband company was doing in the night.

To turn the beeping off, lies a long flight of stairs on the coldest night of the year yet. Which felt like a journey through the mountains of Moria and a battle with the balrog mentally. I even tried pulling the fuse and then a back-up battery kicked in. Why why why do these things happen in the night! Onto the alarm company this morning, they were able to take a look remotely (once I’d bounced the router). It’s all hidden away with no such override due to regulations and such like. It’s not going to help my state of mind.

Planned to cook a few things this morning, the plan was to bounce out of bed like Tigger. A son returning from university for the weekend. We stocked the fridge up and looking forward to having an extra mouth to feed. I’ll pull it together, but my enthusiasm has had a bit of a kicking.

Really enjoyed the email from James Clear this week:

“In some areas of life, value is unlocked by starting. Even a five-minute workout or a short walk can reset your mood and benefit your body.

In other areas, value is unlocked by finishing. It does you no good to build a bridge halfway across the river. You need to complete the project to realize the value. 

Do you need to start or finish? Are you building a body or building a bridge?”


I’ve been really remiss of late, posting to the weekend coffee-share. My permanent residency came to an end of contract at the hosting company and I just felt I needed to tighten my belt. So I reverted to my first flat so to speak…..with unwanted advertisements and all. Also had a look at a few other venues, substack and medium. All very daunting……but I just need to start!

At the same time I’ve been working on a daily writing habit, pulling and dragging my words and ideas together for a cookery book.

The #WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted by Natalie the Explorer that serves as weekly heart beat and sort of of a mind-dump. Helps me reflect on my week, with a list of achievements, thoughts and rambles normally whilst drinking a beverage probably listening to music.


7 thoughts on “Beeping Balrog

  1. Hey Alex,

    Well oof! Your week sounded much too long.

    Glad for your sake that it’s over and perhaps a better one is queued up for Monday. Having a son back from school has to be great. We’re squeaking by with near weekly zoom meetings with our 3 and one DIL and (on a good night) one girl-friend we’ve become very fond of and hope is soon promoted to DIL.

    Writing has taken up a large portion of my year and I’ve accomplished most of my goals. Someday, I’d love to create and sell at least one novel, but so far the economics just don’t make sense because I don’t believe I have sufficient readers even of my free short stories, so I plod along trying to create better and better essays of slowly growing lengths.
    On the other hand, what I have written in 2022 is so much better than what I wrote in 2021 and before.

    One tool – I want to make sure you don’t miss is the “Read Aloud” tool in MS Word and several browsers. The one in Word is my favorite and works the best of those I’ve tried and it is a game changer for the quality of my final versions. I’m amazed at what I catch with it – every time I use it. With your work on the cooking book – you really need to try the Read Aloud tool and be amazed at all the typos that suddenly jump out at you – screaming to be corrected.

    Hope this reaches you with a better behaved alarm system guarding your nights from undesirables rather than guarding you from sleep. . .


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    1. Thanks for this Gary and I feel you on the writing front. I admire your discipline and that you keep going. Feels to me you enjoy the process and the outcome is more the bi-product. Which is a good thing. I’m trying to see my efforts that way also.

      Thank you also for the read aloud tip. I’m definitely going to try it.

      And the blessings….I was feeling pretty sorry for myself over the weekend, so much appreciated and the last couple of nights have been Balrog free.


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